About Us

So, this is us… happy little gang… just writing about our adventures 🙂

Firstly, there is Jack (J).

He’s our tour guide and the reason we have such weird and wacky adventures! J has autism and, though he didn’t talk much until he was 4, he made it abundantly clear early on that a 2 week beach holiday wasn’t his idea of fun!

Then there is Grace (G)…

She’s our Entertainment Officer…. She puts up with a lot, rarely complains and always has fun… She loves art in all forms and makes J get involved in lots of projects.

And then there is me… I guess I’m the conductor. Or maybe the Health and Safety officer. Or the general dogsbody……… perhaps all of the above!!!

Our objective is to have fun; To explore and to have adventures of all descriptions… and you might find a good helping of autism appreciation here too!!!

So, this is our place to document where we’ve been, what we’ve done – what we enjoyed (and what we didn’t!) – and hopefully along the way we’ll inspire a few people to explore new places and to make the most of every day!