Kaine’s progress – December ’17 and January ’18

In December, we had our first New Dances Performance at Juilliard in the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre. We’ve been working on this piece from the beginning of the school year so we were really excited to finally be able to perform it. Our piece was really well received and I’m so grateful to have been able to share the stage with the rest of class 2021. Working with Bryan was such an amazing experience, I’ve learnt so much about him and his choreographic process and he’s definitely someone that I would love to get to work with again in the future!


After the first semester ended, I had a couple of days to myself before my flight home, so I decided to explore the city, take some dance classes and visit the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). It was really nice to be able to spend some time to myself in the city as my days are usually jam packed with classes at school.


I was so happy to be able to spend my Holidays at home. I landed back in the UK on the 23rd

of December so Christmas was over before I knew it! I was just grateful that I was able to catch up with friends and spend time with my family over the 2 weeks that I was home. As much as I enjoyed being home, I was also so eager and excited to get back to the city and continue working!

I’ve started choreographing a new work to be shown in the February Student Choreographic Workshop. Each year there are 4 opportunities in which we as students are able to present our own work in front of an audience of faculty, students and guests. For this piece, I’ll be collaborating with my suitemate David, who is going to be transposing a Piano and Voice duet to Piano and Cello. I’m super excited to collaborate with musicians as this is something that I’ve never had the chance to do previously. It’s going to be a challenge but I hope that there is a lot that I can learn from this experience that I will be able to take with me to into my future choreographic processes.

As much as I love snow, I’m not such a fan of the freezing cold weather that comes along with it!! The cold in New York isn’t like anything that I have ever experienced before. I like the aesthetic but I’m definitely ready for it to start warming up!

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