A very happy birthday for our December adventurers!

Here we go AGAIN.  They woke me up at 6.30am. I mean 6.30am. What are they up to now?  

My birthday isn’t until tomorrow.   

Too early for me to eat breakfast. So, a packed take away it is! 

Nana opened the front door. Mom dragged out a suitcase and a couple of bags from the lounge. Nana received a text and shouted, he’s here!  Yippee, Grandad’s here! I responded. Strange. Where was his car. A black taxi cab was outside our gate.  Your chariot awaits you my prince, said Mom. I had never been in one before. 

Where were we off too? No answer, as usual. 


We ate, we sang and we took selfies.                   I was super excited although I was unaware of our destination. One Eddie Stobarttwo Eddie Stobarts. Up the M25 we went. After an hour or so we were there. But I still didn’t know where. The taxi driver didn’t take any fare from us and said he’d be back to pick us up at 2.30pm and off he went. More photos. Then Mom realised that we were at the wrong location. In she went to ask for directions. Turn left, up the hill. 

Left past the roundabout. Then left again. Oh, a fourth left and we’ll be back here, joked Nana. Over that hill we set off. After about 10 minutes Mom exclaimed ‘ahoy’ I could see ‘the’ golden arches through a small clearing, but they could see something else                                                                                                                                   
Dreams really do come true. We count Eddie Stobart trucks on the motorway. I always wished I could get close up to one. Today I did  happy happy happy.

Once at ‘The XC’, we had forms to fill out and Nana was handed an envelope from our benefactoress. Soon our private instructor was ready for us. Helmets on, head lights fitted and tested, safety brief.


 Off we scurried, caving. Awesome! Up and down. On our tums, on our backs, on our sides to get through the narrow twisting cave corridors. Suddenly, splash! Turquoise, cobalt and sky blue balls, imitating water, under a low ledge. That was so cool. Fossils on the cave wall       

the palaeontologist in me was in awe and wonder. Stalactites on the ceiling, stalagmites on the floor. I whispered to Mom ‘it would be amazing to play my guitar in this chamber.
A few corridors later Nana left as she felt a little claustrophobic.  Still upwards and onward. 

 It was so hilarious seeing Mom wiggling like a worm on her back to get through  

Out of one of the exit doors for a little rest. few more chambers and although sweaty, thirsty and surprisingly exhausted we were finally out safely. We went downstairs for a drink then upstairs again. 

What? More adventures? Another helmet, safety harnesses etc. Through a short dark dark cave like tunnel. Out into the open, Caramba! What did they sign Mom and I up for? Not funny!  I must admit to being terrified when I first came out of that tunnel. Oh well I’ve got to make the most of what I think is a bad situation. After all, I could be a ninja warrior if I can conquer this. Yes, that’s it. I can pretend to be in training. Shakily I placed my foot on the first rope step, then the next. I can do this. I think I was halfway across when Mom came out of the starting block. To say she was petrified would be an understatement. She wanted to cry.  She tried, but all of a sudden, ‘help’ she was frozen. Below someone on the climbing wall had made an unexpected move. Thunderbird 1 went to her rescue and brought her back to solid ground. 

I was ready for round two and completed it in record time.  Third time round I was allowed to attempt the course in reverse order. They hoped to confuse my brain. No chance. Once again, I was super-duper quick  

Caving and the high ropes gave me such an appetite. Not far to go to Frankie & Benny’s. The service there was remarkable. Nana warmed her hands on a cup of really piping hot chocolate. The manager filled Mom’s hot water bottle and helped move us to a booth further into the restaurant where he had a fan heater waiting. Wow! we sure were made to feel at home. The food was yummy and the birthday candle on my dessert and well wishes simply warmed my heart. Cab to Premier Inn for a ‘great night’s sleep’.  
I was ready to open my cards at 4.30 am. It was bad enough having to wait until I we got home, whenever that would be,  to open my prezzies.      

I checked us out on the Inn and didn’t have to settle any bill. Wow! I felt like Kevin in the movie Home Alone.

Another cab and we were back where the black taxi had dropped us off yesterday. OOOOOk. There was a winter wear shop and a coffee bar, but we went the upstairs.  lots of folk in Iron man boots, whoa! I gazed through a window and could see people skiing in the snow. But it hadn’t been snowing before we entered The Snow Centre. Our private instructor arrived. He got us fitted in ski gear and took us out onto the snow. I couldn’t contain my excitement. Up the slope sideways, ski down with knees bent, snow plough – stop. 

Awesome. For the last run my instructor took me to the top of the slope and guided me down F A B. I have no idea what she was on about, but Nana said I looked like the man skiing down the mountain to deliver milk tray chocolates, hahaha 

My birthday was absolutely brilliant. I would choose these treats over a party any day.  Thank you so very much  for my epic birthday  TPK, you’re the best. 

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