Day 8: A dear friend

So, Today, I’m supposed to write about someone who means a lot to me. And this someone means a lot to me and to my children….

Only a few days ago, I wrote about the importance of siblings…. and my sister is one of my best friends. She has been around since day 1….

And she, like me, has had to¬†learn to deal with J’s ¬†slightly different neurology!!

These photos (I think!) sum it up perfectly….

J… who is (and always has been!) addicted to technology grabbed her phone…

She tries to get it back… but he’s having far too much fun to hand it back!

‘She’s not having it, mum!’ J gives me ‘the look’ that says he’s keeping the phone!

And then it’s her turn to give me ‘the look’… I’m in hysterics by this point… G is just ambivalent to the whole thing… and J still has the phone.

Just a tiny snapshot on our relationship… but one that never fails to make me smile.

I’ll be forever grateful that I, and the children, have her in our lives.

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