Dancing the dream: Kaine – October 2017

And it’s already the end of October…

Time is FLYING by! It literally feels as if I’m watching the seasons change right in front of me from my dorm window.

The fact that I live in New York city is slowly starting to sink in although I don’t think that it will ever be possible for it to feel 100% real. I discover something new about this city every day and it never fails to amaze me.

There is always so much going on at Juilliard

..and I’ve been lucky enough to see various performances here at school, and discounted performances close by. Most recently, I was able to watch the 4th Year Actors in their play, ‘Father Comes Home from the Wars’. To be able to watch some of the BEST young actors in the world just as they are preparing to break into the professional world was so inspiring.

Being at Juilliard also comes with exciting privileges, such as getting free tickets to a Performance at The New York City Ballet (Tickets that would usually cost a fortune!). This performance also happened to be principle dancer, Rebecca Khron’s last performance at the company so the atmosphere was so exciting.

This month, I had my choreographic and performance debut at Juilliard. Being a part of the student choreographic workshops is such an amazing experience to be able to work alongside your peers to create new work. Here is the link for the piece I choreographed, entitled “You Always Hurt the One You Love”; https://vimeo.com/237206477

During my time here, I am able to get a job on campus as part of the Work-Study program so I decided to apply for Ushering. Over the past few weeks I have been able to see so many performances around the school as an usher, that I maybe wouldn’t have chosen to go to otherwise and it’s been so interesting to see all the other divisions in action.

We were well underway with our rehearsals with Bryan Arias for our ‘New Dances’ performance in December. His choreographic experience has been really collaborative so we have all had a chance to put ourselves into the work. I love his work and I can’t wait to dance it with the rest of Class 2021.


I can’t express enough how inspired I am by every single one of my teachers and classmates. Every day I am in awe by the level of talent in the classroom and this only pushes me to better myself as much as I can. Like I said before, my body is broken… but it’s all for good!!



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