Day 5: 5 things I love

Todays challenge is to write abut 5 things I love right now… as I have more than one photo to share, I thought I’d write a blog post for this…

So, right now…. 5 things I love:

  1. Siblings…. One thing I’m so thankful for is that J and G are so close in age. They always have each other to play with no matter where we are and I find it lovely that they have such a bond. But the children also have two elder sisters. Today, G and her eldest sister have been out for coffee!! (haha! She’s 8, but she loves it!) I love that they are all such good friends regardless of the age differences.
  2. Painting stones…. Such a lovely little thing that helps build the community. Paint them, hide them and hope to find a different one!
    These are our first ones!
  3. First aid kits… I’ve said it before (and I’ll almost certainly say it again!) I NEED to carry my first aid at all times. When J has an accident (which happens more than I’d like!!) he really needs to know that I can cope with it. Thankfully we’ve never had an incident that my trusty kit can’t cope with…. this was today’s adventure!!!!!
  4. Halloween…. The first holiday that J ever really got…. It’s a big deal for us and we are gearing up for several Halloween parties!                              
  5. Butt shots…. I know, I know…. It’s not big and it’s not clever. But J totally loves butt shots and we have quite a collection now. So we’re always happy to add to that! I love that it helps him express his personality. J was very pleased to capture this picture of a Minion butt at Kidtropolis!!

Just 5 things I’m loving (and very thankful for) today.

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