LEGOLAND – September adventurers

So… our September Adventurers hit LEGOLAND!

They got to take in all the rides…


Meet the characters….


And got to check out the brand spanking new hotel!


We were lucky to stay in the Castle Hotel, which is new attraction in LEGOLAND…

The rooms were very well equipped with everything a young adventurer could possibly need!


Though Mr Wizard doesn’t look too excited to take a bath!!! (He should be… because it was lovely!)

The room had it’s very own treasure hunt, which was great fun (and quite unexpected!)… these were the goodies we each got when we finally unlocked the code…

There were lots of little touches that made the room special… the owls made sure we had a good night sleep ready for the next day…

And then we were up and ready for the next day!


It was so much fun!!!

It was great to spend time together as a family….


And meeting new friends!!

Though it’s fair to say we were pretty tired by the time we had to go home!!

We’ve had the best time!



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