Llamas in Pyjamas, Penrith, UK

One thing G recently added to our bucket list was walking with Llamas… so when I stumbled across ‘Llamas in Pyjamas’ I was totally intrigued!

An exciting adventure coupled with an unusual place to sleep is right up my street! There’s a theme about the places I take the kids – and I’m always up for strange place to rest our heads – we’ve slept at museums and zoos many times… but we’ve never slept with Llamas. That is about to change!

We found the café very easily….

It’s styled in a Peruvian theme, which is pretty cool… and the rooms carry on that theme. This was ours….


There’s no end to the little touches and animal fabrics and wall covering and the children loved it! They elected to sleep in the sofa bed and declared it the comfiest sofa bed ever!!!

Breakfast the next morning was served in the Peruvian café – very friendly service and the kids got to sit on what I think was an old bus seat!! it was very funky.  There’s a little shop selling a good range of ‘peruvian’ gifts… though if I’m honest, I think most people in for breakfast were just here for a fry-up!

And then it was time for the all important llama walk… We met two lovely llamas

And got cuddles from them too…


The llamas were really lovely and very friendly!

ANd J got his obligatory ‘butt’ shot (I’m sorry, but he’s got a bit of a collection now, so any time we meet a new animal, he feels the need to get a good shot….!!)

And that photo rather brings me to the only thing we didn’t like about Llamas in Pyjamas… that road you can just see in the corner is the A66.

The A66 is a VERY busy, VERY noisy and VERY fast road… one I certainly wouldn’t choose to take the children anywhere near. And here’s the problem… Llamas in Pyjamas isn’t ‘just off’ the A66… it’s not ‘near’ the A66… it’s ‘ON’ the A66.. it’s 24/7 traffic… these are photos I took during the night of trucks whizzing past…


We had a great time – truly we did – but we bailed as soon as the llama walk was over. One night was enough. And I feel terrible saying that because the accommodation, the staff, the service, the llamas – it was all brilliant… It’s just the location left me feeling on edge the entire time. Even at 4am, lorries continued to zoom by… Trying to take the dog out for a walk without having to drive somewhere felt pretty impossible (we did use the field next door… but I’ve got no idea if we should have!!)

Would I recommend Llamas in Pyjamas? Absolutely, if the walks were moved away from the main road and there was some space behind the premises for kids and dogs to get out and about without worrying about cars. But as it stands…. I’m not sure I would for young children, especially those with SEN.

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