Cape Town – Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope… the final destination of our African adventure…. where we’d stand, perched between two oceans..

Well, apparently, that’s not quite true… The actual meeting of the Indian and Atlantic occurs approximately 100 miles away from here… but hey ho… it’s a nice story.

And in any case, the children are now at the Atlantic Ocean… having started much further north in the Indian Ocean.

And we did get to stand right at the Cape of Good Hope!

If I’m honest… it’s not really the idyllic scene I’d imagined… It’s rather crowded and most of the features are covered in graffiti. But I think the same can be said of many touristy spots. We also didn’t enjoy lunch here… there are plenty of baboons here, who look cute but I’m not at all too sure you’d want to get to close to one… and birds who will pinch food right out of your hands!

But there are many things to see on the way there… Penguins, roaming freely….

and Ostriches, which J was pretty successful in herding (albeit unwittingly!)


The beaches are unbelievably gorgeous (and a good reason to come back in summertime!) and provide a great view of the 12 Apostles..


The drive itself is very interesting… how this road came to be made in the first place is pretty awesome!

So, if you make it to Cape Town… make sure to make time to get down to the Cape of Good Hope… Just don’t try to eat outside!!

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