Cape Town – The Waterfront

There’s a lot to do in Cape Town and, as we’re here for a few days, I’ve decided to write about it in separate posts, so it’s just not one long list of photos!

So, we’re going to start at the Waterfront, which is where we happened to be staying.

It’s a great area and there are loads of things to do for kids.

Our favourites were:

  1. The aquarium. It’s not huge… but it has some interesting exhibitions running…
    There’s a good interactive display which gets the kids to think about conserving energy and consumables which I thought was very well done…

There are shark and stingray feeding demonstrations…

G enjoyed these immensely, especially the diver who gave the presentation – who knew you could speak underwater!!

There’s a nice penguin enclosure… and you can see how you measure up against the different breeds!!


And it’s really, really not that difficult to find Nemo!

All in all, a family friendly fun day out.

2. There’s a big wheel.. how much fun….
It’s lovely to look at, especially at night…


And pretty fun to ride on to (though they forgot we were on… and we went round… and round… and round… and round… and round…. we were actually kind of pleased to get off once we’d finally got their attention!!)

J was sure that this crane looked just like Godzilla…

We didn’t see it at first… but on reflection, he was right!


3. Art Jamming… Seriously good fun!!

This is one place I’d totally recommend spending a couple of hours here. We adore ‘arty’ stuff but we’ve never been anywhere as rule-free as here! J had an absolute blast! He’s not your most conventional artist but he loves it and he always comes out with a piece he’s happy here!

 (* this is batman*)

He got rather into the whole process and ending up wearing quite a lot of paint himself!! It’s very possible he got more on himself than he did on the pictures!!

This is what a lot of red paint chucked about looks like!  

J called his fininshed picture ‘A volcano’…

G usually prefers more rules… but with no one to comment on what she was doing, she relaxed into the whole process and made some lovely pictures too.

The staff are lovely and make everyone feel totally at ease to do whatever it is they want to do, whatever way they want to do it – art as it should be!

4. Check out Table mountain

Unfortunately, while we were in Cape Town, the gondola that takes people to the top of Table mountain was closed for maintenance, so we had to view this majestic mountain from the ground.. and there aren’t too many better spots to see it than from the water front. But, it’s just one reason we’ll have to come back!

We love a cheesy photo opportunity so loved the big yellow frame to get ‘the perfect shot’… I love this idea, apparently there are others dotted about Cape Town, but this was the only one we came across.

We were also lucky to get to see the mountain in different weathers… and learn just why this is called a tablecloth!!

But, surely the mountain is most beautiful as the sun sets… so our final ‘must do’ at the water front is…

5. Watch the sunset

It’s simply stunning.

We went to The Silo, which has an amazing roof top bar (and funky domed windows that J said looked just like bug eyes…)


The hotel is completely set up for people to sit out here as the sun goes down and the children wrapped up in lovely snuggly blanket


And watched the sun set on a fabulous city.

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