This is such a funny little town, it’s like stepping back in time! It’s a town that owes it’s entire existence to the railway line we are travelling on.

The track was built to connect Cape Town to the diamond mines in Kimberley. At first it was not more than a depot for the trains, but in time it grew in size.

The town itself was built in 1880 and, due to a preservation order formalised in 1968, it has been preserved as such… with the whole town being declared a national monument in 1975.

We – like those first train travellers – are only here for a pit stop but there is enough time to take a peak at this quaint little village… and for what is just a quaint little village, it certainly packs a punch!

The place is bursting with ‘old style’ charm… with Victorian buildings….


and Victorian style cars and trucks dotted along the High Street…

There’s also a pretty impressive transport museum here – we didn’t have time to look at all of it, but the collection is truly remarkable…. Everything from the Royal cars used by a young Princess Elizabeth (Now Queen Elizabeth II) in 1947 to a old route master London bus!


There are two other museums at the Railway station… one which displays a range of Victorian artefacts…

… and one which shows how the station worked when it was first commissioned.

It’s really not hard to get an idea of what this place must have been like all those year ago… because very very little has changed!

But, as I said, we’re only here for a pit stop…. and we’re also only spitting distance from Cape Town.

This will be our last meal on the train that’s been our home for over two weeks.

For J… there was a treat… a carafe of diet coke!! He couldn’t believe his luck!


And it’s very safe he enjoyed it immensely!

And for G… she got to ring the lunch bell for the last time!!


A few hours later, we pulled into Cape Town… Ready for our next adventure!

 Bye train!!!

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