Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe / Zambia border

After a few days travelling, it’s time to leave the train… for the amazing Victoria Falls.

We crossed the border on the bridge….


And got our first glimpse of the falls….


They are truly stunning.

One of the first things we see is the bungee jumping platform… Now MANY years ago, when we first stated travelling and put our very first bucket list together, one thing that was mentioned was bungee jumping here. And now we are here????

This is absolutely as far as we are going to get! Bungee jumping is just not for us!!!

So…. what did we do?

Well, we stayed in the gorgeous Victoria Falls Hotel.

We were greeted from the train by traditional dancers….

The hotel itself has a colourful history which is proudly displayed.

The grounds are stunning just to wander around in.          

We went to a crocodile farm….


and saw crocodiles – big and small! Watching them being fed was a sight we’ll never forget!

We took a sunset cruise down the Zambezi river – white water rafting is also available… but this is more our style!

Watching elephants, hippos and crocodiles frolic freely was just amazing.


and seeing the majestic falls in the distance was rather fabulous too!


And as we watched the sun disappear behind the horizon…. it’s hard to ignore just how magical it is to be in somewhere so special.


Even though we’d had a late night, the next morning, we were up and out very early for something the children were desperate to do… We’ve come to the Stanley and Livingstone game reserve for one of the only elephant safaris which has a brilliant track record for being ethical to the elephants…  

We found the activity very well organised and felt the elephants loved the human interaction. The elephants are all orphans who are unable to return to the wild and, while we very much enjoyed our visit, it was nice listening to the work being done to ensure more elephants are not left orphaned and our guide is hopeful that in 20 years time, the activity will no longer exist.

All that said, the elephants we met were all very well looked after, clearly enjoyed being close to the trainers (and rather enjoyed the treats too!)

On the way home, we were treated to a typical African traffic jam!!

this guy wasn’t moving for toffee!!!

And then it was off to explore the falls! While there is a walking route, I felt it would take too much time out of our itinerary and I wasn’t at all sure how much the children would really get to appreciate the vastness of the falls… there was only one thing for it – a helicopter!!!

The views were unbelievable and I was so pleased that I’d taken the children on a short flight (longer ones are available but I felt the 12 minute flight was enough to get a good appreciation of just how vast they are!)

it was, it must be said, lots of fun!!


We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Victoria Falls… Unfortunately, though, we didn’t have any cash – and neither did any of the cash points! We tried 5 different banks and it was only the kindness of a local taxi driver (who changed some of our US dollars) that we had anything at all. I have to say, it was a strange experience… To hear about the locals, who struggle to get paid as – even when they do – they cannot actually access their money…

All to soon, we were leaving to return to the train… and once again, we were met by the dancers….

Victoria Falls is an amazing place – I’d definitely recommend it for anyone’s bucket list – doesn’t matter if you want calm and peaceful or full on adrenaline… you will find it here.

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