Canvases and caravans

It’s been a busy weekend here at TPK.

G’s birthday isn’t actually for quite a few more weeks, by which time we’ll be in central Africa, so we moved the whole party forward so she could have a little celebration with her friends.

G adores art, so we decided on a Brush Party. The concept is straightforward. Every one gets a canvas and is talked through how to paint a particular picture. It’s a fab idea and the company have recently started running children’s parties.

There are SO many pictures to choose from… but eventually, G chose Ostrich feathers…. And what you create is your very own version of that picture. The girls thought it was fabulous fun and seeing them altogether at the end was brilliant. It really doesn’t matter what your ability is…. it’s a stress free way to connect with your artistic side!

Organising the party could not have been more straightforward. Sam – who runs the company – is a pleasure to deal with.

We were lucky to be blessed with good weather so the children painted outside… but you could hold a party pretty much anyway – I was amazed there wasn’t more mess!!!!

The girls all really enjoyed painting their own interpretation of the picture.

J…. yeah… he did his own thing (as usual!)

His Ostrich feather looked remarkably like a Godzilla!!!!!!!!!!! Such a wonderful party with a great personal piece of art to keep!

To make the evening truly memorable, we decided to hire a caravan for the girls to sleepover in. We chose a vintage caravan called Matilda.

Matilda was delivered on Friday afternoon, so J, G and I decided to sleep in it that evening – just to check it out. It was fabulous fun and extremely comfortable.

I felt quietly confident that G’s sleepover would be great fun….

… And it was… for everyone apart from me! What I hadn’t accounted for were 5 giddy 8YO hyped up with party food. By 8pm on the sleepover evening, I was having serious reservations as to whether anyone would get any sleep!!! I’m not at all sure many of us did!!!

It’s a gorgeous caravan…. with really cute triple bunk beds. They are lovely. But trying to get girls to sleep on them is nigh on impossible…. Trying to get them to stay asleep is even harder!!!

… and the touches Katharina, who owns the caravan, added made G feel incredibly special, Just wonderful.

It has everything you could possibly need – including a loo and a little kitchen. It’s something I’d certainly recommend for a quiet night for 2-3 people…

But maybe not for 5 8YO girls…. It’s a night the girls and I will never forget (for me, probably for all the wrong reasons!)

But what’s important is that G got to celebrate with her friends and for that…. I’m truly grateful.


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