The Rodeo Boy – 25th June 2017

They hardly ever tell me the final destination before hand…

As an 8 year old this can be quite frustrating, to say the least.  I had to put my gum boots (wellies) on Mum and Nana had their trainers on, so I assumed that we were off to a leisurely walk to burn off our Sunday lunch.                  

We took six bus stops up the hill and we were there? How strange! We’ve been to Richmond Park but We had never entered the park by that gate before. 


And what’s that smell? Horse poop….. 

We were at the stables.

I could hear children laughing and screaming….girls I bet. A birthday party at the stables. How curious. I wanted to know more so I asked if we could go in. We saw ponies and horses in their boxes. 


Mum started stroking a horse with a dark brown coat by the name of Treacle.  

She invited me to pat him. No way was I doing that, I was far too nervous.  

However, the longer we were there the more comfortable I became around the horses, so I asked if I could ride one. We went into the office to make enquiries. We were given a price list, but Nana was whispering something to the receptionist. Oh, yes… yes TPK had made a booking for three riders. For my family. What a blessing from a total stranger. I was in tears. Happy thankful tears. 

We were measured for our hats and boots, 


and told which horses we would be riding. I was to ride a horse named…. wait for it…………..Treacle. How awesome was that. He, no she, already had my smell, so I felt we would get on well. Mum was on India and Nana was on Rio. 


We were shown how to mount and hold the reins 



…and off we went. 

Rio and Nana took the lead. After a while I could see that they were trotting, but then they stopped. Nana wasn’t comfortable, so Kerri, Treacle and I took the lead.

A gentle nudge on Treacle’s side and I was trotting too. Quickly my confidence increased and I wanted to go faster. Kerri could see that I was adventurous and asked if I wanted to try something different. She told me raise my butt off Treacle’s saddle and bring my hands lower on the reins. I was hacking (Nana said showing off)  It felt so natural. We took a path through the park where there is no access for cars, so beautiful.

 Well done Nana, holding on with one hand to take photos. Brave girl xx 

We really didn’t want to go home yet, so we helped out a little.    


Such a fun thing to do as a family instead of Mum catching up with the washing, ironing, meal planning etc for the coming week. Good exercise too I’m told, both for the horse and the rider.

We enjoyed our adventure a lot more than expected. For me, because it was a complete surprise. For Mum, we could all spend good quality time together. For Nana, she was so happy to see the smiles of excitement and tears on our faces. 

And was Nana right? Was I showing off????

Of course I was!!!!! I’m Rodeo Boy!!!!

*TPK thinks you look amazing!!* 

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