Black Cabs of London – Tales of the Unexpected

So, this weekend is our weekend to catch up on all the things we should have done…. and there is one important thing outstanding that we really need to complete…. Our vaccinations for Africa. So, rather that than housework this morning, we took a train to London to get our final shots! Phew!!

We needed to go to both the London Travel Clinic in Soho and The Portland Hospital to make sure all our paperwork is up to date, and – as J is a little Tube adverse and a little in love with black cabs – we took cabs to get to our various appointments.

Now, I will say, I LOVE black cabs. I simply don’t think they can be beaten. We’ve had the odd quiet one, but most chat away happily and impart knowledge that you’d almost certainly never stumble across otherwise. Today….. that was one of those days!

We took three cabs in total… and heard three wonderfully remarkable stories…

  1. We heard about the seven noses of Soho. In 1997, an artist named Rick Buckley decided to take him own very unique take on the big brother state and stuck his own nose around various locations in and around Soho. This sort of art is just what J likes.

    This is definitely going on our bucket list and one day … we’ll find all 7!
  2. We heard the hilarious story of a cab driver who had picked up a passenger who wanted to go to ‘My Hotel’

    Yes, said the driver, I will take you to your hotel, but you need to tell me what it’s called… Yes, the passenger responded. It’s called ‘My Hotel’… 10 minutes passed – with both the driver and the passenger getting more irate – until the driver figured out there really was a hotel called ‘My Hotel’.
  3. We heard a wonderful story that the reason these lampposts exist…..

    … Is because of a love affair between the Duke of Wellington and Coco Channel… A quick google search suggests it’s possibly not true, but I rather hope it is. What a lovely story.

We’ve had a productive day and are now completely sorted with our vaccinations… and we met 3 lovely black cab drivers!

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