Sweets, treats and very sore feet! – London May ’17

My name is A and I’m 11 years old. I’m home educated so when mum made me write about a dream trip to London, I assumed it was just another exercise… I never imagined​ it would really happen. But she told me that someone was willing to help us have a dream weekend. I was soo excited. This is what we did….

First stop – cereal killers, this is amazing, you must go. They serve cereals from around the world…
you then add flavoured milk, toppings and enjoy.
Inside looks amazing to, they have 80s beds to sit on, made mum feel like a kid again!
Then we headed to Kensington memorial park – It’s an excellent park, though sadly the water feature was broken 😥, but they did serve the most amazing Candyfloss ice cream 🍦😀
My second treat of the day!
Lunch – er um, we got a bit lost so settled for a McDonald’s!! 🍔🍟😂, Raspberry ripple drink scores 9/10
(*TPK would like to say we’d have done exactly the same thing! Not much J prefers more than a McDonalds!*)
We checked into the Kensington premier Inn – Shower for mum, tv break for me, energy back, changed into black clothes for the show….
But before the show, we stopped for pancakes near Big Ben – Sticky, whoops, got it down my jumper!! 🙄
And then….. Alice underground Adventures
This is what we came for! It was a nightmare finding the entrance but once there it was everything good in one 😀😍😂😱🐰. It’s an interactive show. Best show we’ve ever seen!!! We totally recommend it…..  Oooh and amazing cheesy chips!! We weren’t allowed to take photos in the show though… so you are just going to have to take my word for it!
Despite it being late when the show finished, we visited south Bank, played in park, and enjoyed life.
Back to the premier Inn for a shower (mum must buy me a shower) and bedtime 😴zzzzz
Premium Inns offer an Eat-all-you-can breakfast which free for kids! So I had four pancakes!!! Yummy!
So after a late start, we went to (……take a deep breath!!)
Covent garden, freakshake, magic show, China town, m@m world, another park, shops, walking and finally….  home.
This trip was just for me and my mum, it was nice to just have time for the two of us! And my dream come true.  Today, I’m resting my feet!!!! And eating m@ms
There are several things I learnt tho….
Google maps needs to learn left from right😒
When I pull Mum on a tube and say I know where it’s going, I don’t, but I’m right 😀
Mum is quite good and organised at getting round London.Well, kind of 😂
If you spot a lost child, offer help, I did!! 😀 (*TPK says a huge thankyou to you A!!!*)
Thankyou for reading, from A age 11!!

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