Graffiti in Shoreditch with Zincstyles

I’m a firm believer that adventures can be found everywhere and anywhere. And they exist right on your own doorstep if only you look for them!! And today, we went on adventure to Shoreditch, London.

We started at Spittalfields market, which still retains something of a true market feel and there are some quirky and quite original products on sale… the children found gold sparkly headphones, which were a bargain at £8!!!

Lunch was Pizza Express… We don’t DO experimenting with food… we don’t even have to look at the menu!!! We all order the same thing every time. Having never been to this particular branch of Pizza Express, I think it was slightly disconcerting for the waiter that we didn’t need to look at the menu, yet all knew exactly what we wanted AND how we wanted it!! For, even here, we’re not straightforward – G and I don’t eat cheese and J eats garlic bread for dessert, so we never just order off the menu!!

The artwork that covers this part of London is truly stunning – there are some very talented artists about!!

But the best part was the Nomadic community garden… There are artworks and sculptures dotted about this lovely area. The children had great fun exploring….


… and pulling funny faces!


We even managed to fit in a few Dabs!!!! J does love to dab!

The reason we’d come was to try our hand at some graffiti style artwork… We found this activity on Funzing, which is a brilliant site for finding unusual and fun activities. G was very thoughtful and listened carefully to what Danny, our teacher, was telling her.

J was, as J always is, less bothered about the process… He is more of a creative director… He knows what he wants but isn’t so interested in the rules. But for J, it’s the adventure that’s the learning experience! Just being around creative people – who look at art and at life their own way – is hugely liberating for him (as it is for all of us!)

We came away with some great pieces. G had really thought about hers. J had less to do with his, but he loves it nonetheless!

A huge thanks to Danny at Zincstyles for a fabulous day (even though the weather wasn’t great). The gardens are certainly a place we’ll return to.

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