Tokyo – The Godzilla Room at Hotel Gracery

You are 8 years old. It’s your birthday soon and you are absolutely obsessed about Godzilla… So when you hear that there is a Godzilla room, in a hotel which is as fanatical about Godzilla as you are and has a giant Godzilla on the 8th floor…. you are going to want to go!! J has wanted to visit this place ever since he found out about it and, as we were visiting Japan, I had to make it happen!

This, I have to say, was no easy feat! There is only one Godzilla room, it’s only bookable online 3 months from the reservation date and the website is only in Japanese! But with the help of a few sleepless nights and Google translate, I worked it out and managed to secure one night during our visit… Once that was booked, we arranged all the other things we wanted to do in Japan around that.

We chose to base ourselves slightly further out of the city so that morning, we took the train to the Shinjuku station. The walk from Shinjuku station to the hotel is pretty straightforward and, all the way, we kept our eyes open for the first sighting of the Godzilla head….

It’s fair to say that, at this point J was giddy with excitement… and I was feeling just a little bit nervous!

Would the room and the hotel live up to J’s expectations?

I need not have worried!! From the minute you enter the hotel, it’s clear it’s a homage to all things Godzilla.

The Reception is filled with memorabilia from Godzilla movies – While we checked in, J happily named every movie and every monster! And then there is the head itself…

 and it roars at various times during the day… We sat in the café waiting for the roar and the staff were more than happy to let J play with the toys that are sprinkled around the bar area… I’m pretty sure he knew more about Godzilla than most of the staff, but they were more than willing to accommodate his excitement.

And then, it was up to the room… the moment of truth! What would be behind this door!!!!???

GODZILLA of course!!!

It’s cleverly done, with a mirror – maximising the impact while taking into account the lack of space in Toyko hotels.

There are lots of other features… memorabilia and a toilet that lights up like the inside of a helicopter… and Godzilla’s claw

Being right at the top of the hotel (30th floor), the views of Tokyo are amazing and there are cleverly designed little pictures which makes it look like Godzilla and his friends are stomping around the city

 This was J’s favourite feature and he spent ages studying them!

The room also provides a range of Godzilla gifts… some toys and some ceramic dishes which are sure to become air looms at TPK.

All in all, it was a fabulous experience. Or as J summed it up… Best. Day. Ever!



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