Funny sunny Sunday

It’s a beautiful time of year to see bluebells… so that’s what we did yesterday. Took the dog for a walk through the bluebell fields.

It was so lovely… but not altogether as peaceful as it looks 🙂 Because the dog took it upon himself to bark at everything. He was supposed to be an assistance dog for J…. He was a rejected guide dog because he didn’t bark, and I thought he’d be the perfect candidate for an autism assistance dog… Turns out (like J) the dog was just a little late in finding his voice and (like J) he has some issues when it comes to the world at large. So, we walked (or rather were dragged!) through beautiful bluebell fields while the dog barked at cyclists, other walkers, sheep (hence him being on the lead), bluebells and just the world in general.

He’s a lovely dog, though, and he means well!

To recover, we came home and baked a cake. G loves to bake and we made a lovely chocolate cake to have for afternoon tea. There are no pictures of the cake, however, because the bloody cat ate it (or atleast nibbled all the edges rendering it inedible!) while it cooled.

So here’s a nice picture of the cat 🙂

As a bit of fun, we decided to visit a local fun fair. I liked this one a lot… as did J and G

Right up until they both freaked out because there was a bee on this slide and refused point blank to come down until someone came and ‘got it away’ PHEW!!!!

So, all in all, a lovely Sunday. I’m just a bit exhausted! And I have a new understanding of the phrase ‘don’t work with kids or animals’ 🙂

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