Bucket list

I’ve been promising for ages that I’d get a ‘proper’ bucket list up and running… Up to now, it’s simply written in an old scrapbook (which, if I’m honest, we’ll probably continue doing!) but it’s time to write it up properly!!

So, here’s our list…

  1. Visit Uluru, Australia… travelling on the Ghan train
  2. See a moose in Alaska – Completed
  3. See the northern lights – Completed
  4. Fly fom Westray to Papa Westray, Orkneys, Scotland on the shortest charter flight – Completed
  5. Hire a gondola in Venice, Italy – Completed
  6. Visit Rome and the Vatican, Italy
  7. Measure ourselves against the Angel of the North, Gateshead, UK
  8. Visit Santa in the Arctic circle – Completed
  9. Walk across the Transport, Middlesbrough, UK – Completed
  10. Visit Hawaii
  11. Cruise around Sydney Harbour, Australia
  12. Ride the bullet train in Japan
  13. Ride AMTRAK across America – Completed
  14. Follow the Thames, England, from Source to sea
  15. Act like a rock god on Easter Island
  16. Watch the sunrise on a beach – Completed
  17. Sleep in a tent I erected
  18. Make (and display) our very own work of art – Completed
  19. Walk up Snowdon, Wales, and take the train down
  20. See Niagara Falls – Completed
  21. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  22. Write (and publish) a book
  23. Design and make a piece of jewellery for G
  24. Go to Paris, France for lunch
  25. Sail through the Panama Canal
  26. Visit the Grand Canyon, Arizona, US
  27. Visit the Houses of Parliament, London – Completed
  28. Speak about Autism and SEN
  29. Complete the stages of the Cross – Completed
  30. Take the Trans Siberian Express
  32. Swim the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  33. Make snow angels in Cervinia, Italy – Completed
  34. Cross the International Date Line
  35. Experience the Galapagos Islands
  36. Visit Rotterdam, Netherlands – Completed
  37. See the penguins in Antarctica
  38. Reach the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town, SA
  39. Ride camels in the desert
  40. Swim with dolphins – Completed
  41. Picnic with Grandad – Completed
  42. Visit Llandudno, Wales
  43. Design a tartan
  44. Walk Hadrian’s Wall, England / Scotland
  45. Visit the Royal Albert Hall, London, England – Completed
  46. Complete LEJOG, England – Completed
  47. Learn the HAKA in New Zealand
  48. Watch a sunrise and sunset – coast to coast
  49. Ride pillion around the New forest, England
  50. Sleep on a boat – Completed

The Next Ten:

  1. DisneyWorld – Completed
  2. Stay in a glass igloo and sleep under the stars
  3. Have a drink in an Ice Hotel – Complete
  4. Make a birthday cake
  5. Make a scarf – Completed
  6. Visit Parrot world – Completed
  7. Make our own paper – Completed
  8. Watch a solar eclipse
  9. Go to a drive through Movie – Completed
  10. Make a Fairy garden – Completed

The Next fifteen:

  1. Learn to shoot a gun
  2. Take the dog on holiday to Ireland
  3. Visit Disneyland, LA, US
  4. Visit a Germany Market, Germany
  5. Visit a toy factory
  6. Walk with Llamas
  7. Visit Harry Potter world, Watford, UK
  8. Bora Bora – just because it’s beautiful!!
  9. Visit the Monster Munch factory
  10. Visit the Parthenon in Greece
  11. Ski with friends
  12. Visit the Hell Fire Caves, High Wycombe, UK
  13. Go fishing
  14. Learn to ride a bike (J)
  15. Make the longest daisy chain in the world (G)

And that’s it…. There’s always (there or thereabouts!) 50 things on the list.. Nothing is ever too big or too small to be considered for the list!!!

What’s on your bucket list??

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